Toddler Development – Everything You Need To Know

Toddler development is a very Important topic for prospective parents and those who are parents already. For every Mom-To-Be, there must be a key understanding of how your child is developing. It is necessary to have a pre and foreknowledge of how we can get involved in the development of our children. Actually prospective parents have a lot of work to do. Most especially moms. You should be ready for the child right from conception. Some women spend too much time focusing on pregnancy shoots than preparing for the actual child. They focus on fashion for pregnant women and take all the pictures they can

Whatever you want your child to become stars from the toddler stage of a being’s development, and this can only come out positively if that sensitive stage is taken care of.

How can this be achieved? Let us check out these few tips.

Physical Development

This is a vital aspect in the toddler development that requires a lot of attention by parents. In fact, this starts right from the conception of the baby. Monitoring the mother’s diet in pregnancy is important. Although this is already a known fact, many people still don’t pay attention. There are healthy practices for pregnant women every pregnant woman must adhere to. One of the ingredients to build a good physical structure is “Balanced Nutrient”.
Apart from mothers who prefer to use exclusive, it is advisable to give breast milk to a developing toddler within the age of (0-12months). The toddler is also assured of a good healthy life because the enzymes that are also contained in the breast milk helps to fight against bacterias that can bring an effect to the child’s life.

This the best food for a child to have enhanced development and growth. 
Once a child has left the stage of being fed with breast milk, we have mothers who become unconcerned with what they eat, this has led to a lot of distorted growth and disease( which must have not being inherited). These distortions include Kwashiorkwo, Beriberi, Scurvy, Poor sight, Obesity and others.

“Parents, we still have children that will always want to dictate what type of food they want, which are most of the time always sugary, always try to say NO”

Always include the following group of food in the breakfast, lunch, and dinner of the toddlers while bringing them up: veggies, beans, milk, fruits, less carbohydrate food because of the high content of sugar, fish, egg, and others.

Another key ingredients, is teaching them on POSTURE.

It is really important to start teaching your child the essence of good sitting, standing and walking posture, to avoid irreparable body distortion.

Mental Development

I will like to place emphatic stress on this part of toddler development because no one wants to nurture a child that will be called a ‘dullard’ in school. The brain develops almost fully during the toddler years. This makes it easier for them to learn quick, memorize, have a high tendency to recognize objects, and ability to reason quick

Do not wait for your young child to be taught the simple arithmetics or the alphabet in school, you can start from the home with the help of audio and visual aids like educative cartoons, songs, and rhymes. This will help the growing toddler improve his mental ability to start reasoning and differentiate between shapes, colors, letters, and objects.

This is the right stage to also inculcate value and culture in to their young mind.

“Toddlers have open minds to learn quick”


Finally, the toddlers’ ability to socialize as he develops should be one of those things to be kept under observation. It is at this stage you will determine who is an introvert or extrovert, quiet or stubborn and nice or stern.

The means of communication between the child and the parent or the child and other peers is also a concern that should be adhered to. As a child develops he learns to first use short words or phrases to communicate, but as time goes on phrases turn into clauses, then sentences, then paragraphs.

BUT… Parents we really need to start talking to our toddlers early enough about things that need to be known to keep up with their integrity as they grow into other stages of life.

It is believed that they learn to use negative words quicker, so it’s time to be on the guard to correct them if they do wrong.  Teaching them how to behave positively is also essential, this will reduce the rate of little crimes at their tender age.

Note:  Dear Parents, toddlers development is the best stage to molding your child’s future. It is better to avoid falling going close to the cliff of a mountain to prevent the main consequences from showing forth.

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