Fashion Trends for Maternity Moms 2019

The beauty of motherhood starts from the very day a child begins to develop inside of you. The joy of seeing your protruding tummy is overwhelming…

Sometimes it can be irritating, other times it can be really enjoyable

Sometimes it can be tiring and worrisome, other times it can be really exciting

Sometimes it can make you feel really uncomfortable, other times it makes you feel like a god

Sometimes it can make you feel ugly, other times it can make you feel beautiful.


Sometimes it can make you feel unfit, and deformed, other times it can make you feel proud.

What few of our expectant mothers have failed to know and understand is that you can still slay in the prenatal stage of your life. Do you want to know how you can achieve that?

Follow me as I take you on a trend of coloured designed wears you can slay in for you baby shower photoshoot and still send a message.


Red Velvet gown for pregnant women
Thanks to BellaNaija and M12 Photography for this Image

Tell me what you can see! Haha

This will definitely remind you that in the cause of delivering your child, be rest assured that there would blood stains coated all round your newborn. It’s a beautiful sight to behold don’t be scared especially if you are the type that trembles at the sight of blood.


Prganancy gown White
White Maternity Photoshoot Gown

A newborn child can be referred to be the most purified element because of its original state of innocence, so you can decide to rock a beautiful white dress on a Sunday morning to remind heaven that you are about to bring forth a gift sent from heaven of course


A song just popped up in my head

‘The Land is green, I can see when the harvest is ready cause he told me so……’

Yes! It’s green it’s fertile, you are green you are fertile’

It is time to let the world know that it is almost due time for harvest because you are about to produce fruits, not just any kind of fruit but a great one. Get ready !!!



Cool blue gown maternity

It is an awesome experience while going through the prenatal stage but then at the same time you will exhibit irrational character, like getting angry for silly reasons, being irritated easily and other things, not to worry, a COOL-BLUE gown is there to remind you that whatever happens you still need to remain calm while going through this hard work!


Who said you can’t have a beautiful photoshoot of you and bump in traditional wear. In case you haven’t heard, Ankara is the latest trend for any lovely outfit you want. The TRAD-WAY reminds you of the fact that you are bringing a child into a world where he needs to conform to a particular culture… Amazing right!!

Dear Expectant Mothers,

The number one rule for any pregnancy outfit is a comfort. Your comfort should come first that is why generally it is preferable you go for cotton dresses, stretchy materials, loose pants, and stylish comfortable flat footwear. Adhering to this can prevent a lot from happening.


It is high time we PREGSLAY😀😀

When Should I Get My Maternity Wears

Finding the right and perfect size of maternity wear can be a lot disappointing at times especially if this is your first time of being pregnant because it is really important you understand your body growth and state after taking in for the first time.

I have listed a few things that will help you in getting the right outfit for each trimester you will have to undergo.

How do I know it is time to get those maternity wears?

▶ Unbuttoning the top button of your pants/trousers is no longer reserved

▶The bloating feeling becomes consistent all day long

▶When your bump decides to say hello to a passerby by peeking from your dress.

These signs coincide with what actually happens with the baby’s growth in the uterus (womb). An ob-gyn confirmed that at 20 weeks, the uterus is typically at the level of the navel.

I know it would really be exciting for first-time moms, but trust me you don’t need those maternity gowns during your first trimester. Just chill till it is your second trimester then you can have the shopping mall all to yourself.

As time goes on, with every trimester that passes on, it becomes difficult to start fitting into our old lovely wears. Remember that beautiful fitted short red gown you wore that night when boo proposed to you, in a bid to recreate that night to celebrate your anniversary, it now finally dawned on you that there is a bump now, right in front you! You start panicking on how you will survive the remaining months of having a bump. Not to worry I have hints on how you can slay in casual wears, church wears, office wears, summer wears, and finally, those special occasions that actually needs you to PREGSLAY


Denim with with top casual

I think it is time to stock your wardrobe with plenty of big-sized t-shirts 😆😆, am sure you got the joke? Yeah! you did. If you are scared it will be a waste after the baby comes into the house, then it’s time to start sneaking into our boo’s closet for those nice T-shirts 😉😉

Is a T-shirt not a nice idea for you?🤔

How about we go with maternity denim 😃, looks like you like the sound of that, you still want to look like a hottie when you want to get those baby things at the mall, then rocking your denim will be so attractive

Leggings for the days is also a great idea so that anytime you see those leggings, it will remind you that you need to take a stroll or jog with boo.

Don’t leave out your footwear, it has to be really comfortable because, from research done a doctor, it was found out that

 ‘”Pregnancy hormones cause the ligament in your feet to loosen”

 this means that I will advise you to go for flat wears that are fit!


Pink Church Wears

The best idea for church wear as a pregslayer is a long flowing gown. A white gown or brightened coloured gown or flowery patterned gown will give you the best positive vibes that even when angels see you they will think you are one of them 😇😇


Well a whole lot women, working-class women precisely will not want to give up on work due to the best reasons known to them, of course, you don’t expect her to turn up in her usual maternity gown when the policy of her place of work has it that the dress code has to be corporate.

 A simple short gown(not tight fitted) can do the magic. Also, let’s not omit our skirt lovers, the stretchy-kind, flay, pleated skirts are all available at your deck.



Hey! Are you worried about not being able to survive through those summer days? Well, the answer is here and you can still pregslay. Here are some hints on how to survive summer days and still look fashionable:

▶Wear clothes that are light in weight

▶Choose clothes that are made of natural fibre like cotton and linen

▶Avoid clothes that will make you sweat a lot

▶Choose clothes that are brightly colored

▶A body-con dress or a top that will embrace your baby bump will not be a bad idea, this paves way for a touch of sexiness with your bump😜

▶A cool pair of sneakers, flat sandals or comfortable shoe will come on handy.

▶Accessorize all the way with your straw hat and a cool sunglass to cool at the beach 😃😃

▶Better still how about a nice looking maternity swimming suit!


How about when it decides to get pretty cold, here are some tips on picking the right maternity outfit

▶A woolly material would be the best anyways, all you need to do is to knit it into something really beautiful with a lovely combination of bright and dull colors.

▶ You could also use a stylish coat, or a kimono 👘  to make things really fashionable and with a little bit of hot sauce.

I can’t miss some really important functions, but with this bump, how am I going to kill it on the occasion?

Here comes help:


Black gown for ocassions

After so many researches and observations, I found out a long, free, flowing black gown can make you look stunning and dashing, or in a Nigeria traditional setting we make use of the owambe style, feel free to rock your sassy maternity native gown too,  with a little bit of jewelry to be comfier while dancing with your friends when it is time to hit the dance floor, I refuse to be left behind in the fun


gown for dinner

Pregslaying while attending dinners and luncheons might be intimidating because you will definitely see a lot of ladies without bump killing it with their dresses. Hold on a little bit, you don’t have to get jealous anyway, it’s just 9months before the beautiful gift is unveiled.

We will go with slitty style, a long flowing straight gown with a high slit. Please be careful with the slit thing, it doesn’t have to be exposing your hidden treasure 🤣.

There goes help my wonderful pregslayers, let us get to work.

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