Best Tips for Planning a Baby Shower

Pulling off an ideal baby shower is such a beautiful experience for every expecting mom. Although planning a baby shower is much like planning a wedding but in all, your goal is to make it memorable for you, your friends, and your family. A baby shower is one of the many things to do before baby arrives

It is a celebrative time for moms-to-be where there will be enough gifts for the arriving baby. It is also a moment where the celebration of the transformation of a woman into a mother is observed amongst friends, families  and well-wishers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Shower

When planning your baby shower, there will be tons of ideas from different people. As mentioned earlier, it is much like planning a wedding. 

  • Who should throw a Baby Shower?
  • Who should attend?
  • When should the Baby Shower take place?
  • What is the best setup for a good Baby Shower?
  • What time should it hold?
  • Should I send out invitation cards?
  • Where is the right venue for a Baby Shower?
  • How long should it last?

Truth be told, the questions are endless. Baby showers are lots of responsibilities, planning every idea to the detail can be overwhelming sometimes. If this is your first time hosting a baby shower, we have put together some amazing tips to help you out. 

Tips for Planning a baby shower

  • Choose a location.
  • Date and time selection.
  • Budget
  • Preparing the Guestlist.
  • Speech
  • Sending out invites
  • Decide Party games.
  • Refreshments.
  • Souvenirs 
  • Decorations .

Choose a location

Knowing the location where your baby shower would hold is essential in planning an ideal baby shower. Do you have plans for an outdoor or indoor event? This will determine what location you pick

The location tells the rest of the story, how many guests, the gender of guests, etc. it is not like you can’t make your sitting room the venue and expect something awesome. But tell me, if you plant maize, do you expect to harvest rice? Such sarcasm is what I am trying to paint because no one wears a suit to a swim party

Date and time selection

To select a date and the time for Baby Shower is not like selecting a date and time for any other celebration. It definitely cannot be within the first or the second trimester of her pregnancy. It mostly falls in the third trimester (i.e. within the twenty-nine – fortieth week of pregnancy).

Baby Showers should be held when the expectant mom is well into pregnancy and probably still pretty comfortable to do stuff (freestyle). This will give her time and strength to fully participate and organize gifts after the shower and decide what she still needs to purchase before the little one arrives.


This is another determinant of how boisterous your Baby Shower will be. Finance budgeting is not that difficult, you will just have to sit down, write out the cost for each item like location, invites, stationery, decoration, flowers, rentals, foods, drinks, cake and dessert, entertainment, games and prizes, souvenirs, etc. You don’t need to get broke because you are having a Baby Shower. Like mentioned before, you can still have a great Baby Shower party in your living room. 

Invitations can be done via text messages. Less costly decors can be used instead. Instead of renting dishes, gather from your friends, and friendly neighbors around you. For drinks, you can make homemade Zobo, Kunu, Tiger nuts drink, pineapple shakes, etc. these are even more nutritional and even the expecting mom gets to partake in the drinking as you know, she is not allowed to take wine. These are a few suggestions on how the Budget can be checkmated. You can add yours.

Preparing the guest list

The guest list is the one detail that can really make or break the Baby Shower. There’s nothing more uneventful than not having a guest list. It helps to know the number of people you are expecting. This is why we do not advise surprise Baby Shower. One where the mom is aware of the event, you can ask from her people she would like to invite. 

From the list, the persons who have indicated they will show up should be ticked. This helps when it comes to giving out souvenirs. Be assured, you will feel better when you have a guest list and much better when you have an acute guest list for your Baby Shower.


There are a lot of speeches to be made on those fine hours. It ranges from impromptu speech, memorized to written down speech or speech of mixture of any two. Most speeches are given in respect of the special occasion in the bid to pay tribute to the celebrant (mother and/or child) or praise the day.

The hostess of the Baby Shower gives a short speech to welcome the guests and honor the mom-to-be. It is important to mention that there are no set rules for speech giving in the Baby Shower party. The right speech can go all way to put everyone at ease and make the mom-to-be feel loved. It is necessary to work with time when giving a speech.

Sending out invites

Guest ought to receive their invites at least a month before the shower. This way they can keep/save the date, get their gifts ready. This makes everything less rushed. How to send an invitation is not an issue when the desired type of Baby Shower has been settled and the guest list has been made. The kind of relationship maintained by the celebrant also matters when considering how to send out the invite. While you could tell some persons about it on a call, some others via texts or social media platforms, there are some people who should be invited formally, like with a paper invite.

Baby Shower Games

There are special kinds of games played in a Baby Shower party. Make the list of the ones to be observed. The fact remains that you cannot have all. Each is played within the stipulated time.

Food and drinks

While there are no set rules for what the refreshment for the baby shower party must be, there are different options and this may make it confusing for you to choose what to prepare. This is one of the times to check the budget again. This is the most considerable factor; you should choose from the options something the mom-to-be can eat. 

The goal is to have much food within the range of the budget. Deserts and drinks also must meet the consumable list of expecting moms. There are options like fruit salad, chops, suya, etc. Just may sure they are meals to never forget.


This refers to Baby Shower favors. This presentation is taken care of by the mom-to-be. Normally her only function is to grace the party, enjoy the time with her friends, and receive their gifts. Souvenirs is a way to tell your guests and especially your hostess that you are really grateful. It is not compulsory but a little appreciation is a good idea. It could be cups, plates, etc. Just anything that is not too expensive. You can send a sent a thank-you note with it or much later via text message.

Baby Shower Decorations

When planning a baby shower, you have got to put this under consideration. Are going to do it by yourself or hire practitioners? Is it a grand décor or a simple one? If you are hiring then you got no problem, just to follow them up and make sure they comply within the earliest time. If you are doing it by yourself then you will have to make a list of items for either a grand decoration or a simple one. Flowers, carbons, nails, ribbons, etc. It is another time to check your budget.

Baby Shower is a good and very fun time where you spend time with your friends (either from your workplace, neighbourhood, church etc.) and families. It is an exercise you don’t have to have the whole world before you consider having one. The above tips have answered (if not all) most of the questions asked about baby shower. 

The underlining fact is that there are no rules or set standards to have a Baby Shower, not on the thought of who should attend, where it should hold, or any other gratification. Just tell yourself how you want it to be and work with your plan and budget, send out your invitations, and have fun

The baby Shower is for your friends, co-workers, and relatives, to celebrate the arrival of your bundle of joy. When none is forthcoming, it is not for any of the parents-to-be to organize any. Just talk to one of your best friends or any of your close female relatives to plan one for you. The thought of whether males are to attend your baby Shower is a matter of the choice of either the hostess or the mom-to-be.

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