9 Healthy Tips for Early Pregnancy

When you discover that you are pregnant, you start adjusting and reacting to almost everything differently, consciously or unconsciously, because you now carry a baby and the child in you needs proper care as much as you also need to be healthy.

So, our bundle of joy is about to arrive and we need to start making preparations for ourselves and for our babies. The preparation for pregnant women shouldn’t start at the third trimester, but pregnant women should pay keen attention to how the child develops in them. Every action (both good and bad) will definitely tell on how the child develops, how the delivery will go, and mostly the well-being of both mother and child.

I have decided to share 9 helpful and health-focused tips with concise details of how they are of benefit.

I know you might have been used to rush hours and surprises but Dear Mom-To-Be, in this case, it is not allowed. We don’t want to make our newborn scared, do we?

1. Do not panic

I choose this as my first tip, because of the way most women respond to situations when they get to know they are pregnant, especially if it’s a first-time mom. They tend to think wide and far, this may cause the expecting mother to panic. In the case of someone who is unprepared for the pregnancy or it’s unwanted… the level of panic is even worse. The truth is it’s a beautiful thing to carry another life in you and that is enough to cause excitement in anyone.

I understand how overwhelming it can be when you always remember that you have someone growing inside of you, and then you start panicking and anxiety sets in. It beats my imagination when some women will just panicking once they remember how that lady in the movie was shouting and screaming because of labour pain.

Don’t let that get to you. It may not be the same for you. Don’t panic! It won’t be good for our unborn child. How you can achieve this is what I incorporated in tip No. 2.

2. Stay Around Positive People

Yes! Stay around positive people.

They are people who love babies, and are always happy around pregnant women… some people are naturally interesting people, that when you have a conversation with them you won’t feel like leaving easily.

Though, some women will start telling you exaggerated stories of their experience in giving birth ( that might not be true) to discourage you and initiate fear into you. Dear Mom-To-Be, surround yourself with people that will be encouraging you, praise you and help you all through the stages of pre-motherhood.

3. Maintain a healthy sex lifestyle with your husband

Haha! Here is a big one! It can be really difficult but am sure you are not planning of starving hubby of his dinner in the bed. For the journey of nine months you will soon embark on, please before the bump becomes too big, still, observe your night worship with hubby. It is not easy for them to be married and still be lacking in that aspect.

4. Avoid laziness

It often happens that due to the physiological change in the body during the period of pregnancy, expecting mothers get tired easily and also they feel the reluctance of engaging in tasking activities, but you need to know that being pregnant it’s not an excuse to stop you from doing those Important little domestic chores in the house like cooking, cleaning or washing the dirty dishes, taking care of little things that are not stressful.

5. Try to watch out for your temper

This very one right here, I don’t know how it happens but I am so sure it does happen to a lot of women. Now, I understand the fact it is normal for you to lose your temper and get irritated easily but don’t let it affect the people that are supposed to take care of you. Always wait for a little before you react to situations, like counting from 1-10 or 1-20, it helps the mind to relax much better before you address a particular issue.

6. Stay Hygienic

Healthy living can’t be complete without hygiene! Many pregnant ladies especially the first time moms are gradually losing out on this one, but it is the most important of all. Make yourself look good, make your environment clean and void of irritating smell, so as to make anyone who comes close to you feel comfortable and alive. Look attractive always and always put on a smile to stay beautiful, it helps a lot, it makes you people bond with you easily and faster…Who won’t respect a beautiful and clean pregnant woman?

7. Eat a lot of fruit

Have you ever heard about the myth of eating a lot of fruit while you are pregnant will make you produce beautiful babies? It might be true after all. Fruit contains vitamins that will help in empowering your antibodies to help defend the body against diseases or infection. Fruits for pregnant women rejuvenate the skin of the mother and supplies nutrient for the baby.

NB: Some women are allergic to some fruits, especially during pregnancy, please talk to your doctor or nutritionist to find out the best kind of fruits that will be suitable for you.

8. Exercise

Keeping fit is not negotiable for expecting mothers, and the earlier you start, the better. I say this because as your time increases so does your weight, and if your body is not yet used to some type of physical exercises, it might be difficult when you are heavily pregnant. Make it a duty to work, walk, jog and do all other kinds of soft exercises are necessary to keep you fit.

Mental exercise is also of a good benefit, and it helps the child even has s/he develops. At Week 8 to week 12 into your pregnancy, the head is already being formed and the baby already has a brain, the baby is the product of the mother, hence physical exercise during pregnancy will help improve the brain of the child, even right from the womb.

NB: Please when going through a strenuous exercise, like working out in the gym or lifting heavy objects, don’t do it without supervision.

9. Pray

I will be closing with this, in fact, it is very importantly in my opinion if you believe in God, you need to put God first because going into the theatre/labour room and coming out successfully is not 100% of of your doctor’s handwork. Start speaking positively in prayers to your unborn child, and am certain everything will work out for you GREATLY.

There you have it! the 9 healthy tips for early pregnancy that will help you have a smooth and happy trimester. More so, there are amazing fashion tips that will add awesomeness to your healthy lifestyle during this time.

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